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RC Electric Helicopters

 RC Electric Helicopters

 Clean, quiet and now more affordable, RC electric helicopters are enjoying increased popularity. Online communities are even formed around these particular type of RC helicopters. Battery powered helicopters are one of the most biggest selling hobby helicopters in the market today.

There was a time when RC electric helicopters were mainly used indoors. Small electric helicopters are quiet and can be flown indoors easily. Now that we've seen great improvements in battery technology,  more powerful batteries make it possible to manufacture bigger electric RC helicopters that can do stunts outdoors.

Today's aerobatic electric RC helicopters are powered but lightweight Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries that provides high currents needed for those wonderful stunt flights. Depending on the battery capacity, a battery powered RC helicopter can now fly between 4 and 12 minutes. If you've been flying battery-powered RC helicopters for some time, you'll know that those numbers are a lot better than what the old nickel cadmium batteries can provide.

With the quiet outdoor RC electric helicopters now available, you can enjoy remote piloting even in silence loving residential areas.

Beginner RC helicopter enthusiasts find battery-powered models to be easier to work with. You won't have to deal with too many technical details so you can concentrate on the really fun part of the hobby – flying!