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RC Helicopter Cameras


When it comes to spying for fun, RC helicopter cameras are a great choice to play with. They are full of features, options and obviously, ‘fun’. These cameras are very small and can easily be fitted into a small toy RC helicopter. The good thing is that these cameras cannot be seen or detected very easily, at least with a naked eye. As far as the utility of these cameras is concerned, they can be used for other motors and aeroplanes as well.

RC helicopter cameras can be used to spy as well as record a video from a reasonable height. Some cameras feature large memory modules and can store videos of up to 1 hour! Other cheaper models might compromise on the video quality as well as the storage capacity. These high-tech cameras are equipped with advanced electronic chips that can record videos of up to 640x480 pixels. High quality images and videos recorded from these RC helicopter cameras can then be transferred to your PC, once you have landed your helicopter!

Typical cameras for RC helicopters come with USB cable to transfer videos and images to your computer. Furthermore, you get a memory card of up to 2 GB for free. The capacity can be increased by purchasing a greater storage memory card. The thing that really makes these cameras cool is their compatibility with the desktop or laptop computers. Video format used by these cameras is ‘.avi’ and it is compatible with PCs as well as other mobile devices.

Now when you have learnt so much about these cameras, you should know the best place to find the cheapest and highest quality camera. Price range of RC helicopter cameras varies from as low as $40 to $100. Due to its extremely lightweight, you also do not have to pay much as shipping fees and hence, you can enjoy your spying with entertainment!