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RC Turbine Helicopter


RC helicopters are becoming popular among outdoor as well as indoor hobbyists. Adults as well as children enjoy their leisure time by flying RC helicopters with their fingertips. There are many types of RC helicopters available in the toys store. We can categorize these radio-controlled helicopters on a number of bases. For example, people usually search for RC helicopters by specifying its engine or rotor type. Some other people prefer searching by specifying number of desired channels.

RC turbine helicopters are just like other RC gas helicopters. The size of these helicopters is also same as that of popular large sized RC helicopters. Many people imagine that the size of a turbine helicopter would be larger due to its turbine technology. However, this is not the case. The rotor diameter of typical RC turbine helicopters is around 100 inches. Similarly, the weight of a turbine RC helicopter does not exceed 30 pounds unless installed with heavier and stronger elements.

RC turbine helicopters can be bought as well as be built by you. It is quiet easy to build a RC turbine heli. DIY kits can be found in online stores and auction websites. Building a turbine heli is just like building any other nitro or gas heli. In fact, the engine structure of the turbine RC heli is so similar to that of nitro and gas helis, they can be easily fitted into a gas helicopter chassis.

You should not purchase RC turbine helicopter without knowing your needs. Toy helis are the cheapest and safest. However, they might not give you precision like a four or six channel turbine RC helicopter. So, do a good research on the Internet to find out the best RC heli that also fulfills your hobby needs. Flying might not be very easy in the beginning. Therefore, spend some time learning the controls and mechanics of the RC helicopters!